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Luminosity Dark Spot Corrector

A concentrated serum to reduce age spots and dark spots. Formulated with exclusive Gautuline Spotlight, Vitamin C and Plant Growth Factors to inhibit melasma, preventing hyperpigmentation and stimulating new cells for a more even complexion.

Bottle : 10 ml

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  • Targeted Treatment to Reduce Dark Spots.
  • Can Be Used On Localized Areas.
  • Improves Skin Tone.

Complex of Sophora Flavescens and Italian Kiwi reduces melanin synthesis thanks to its powerful anti-tyrosine action at dermal and epidermal levels. 2 Botanical Growth Factors that inhibit melasma and stimulate cellular regeneration. Arginine: Amino Acids improves hydration and collagen production. Ascorbic Acid: Antioxidant and brightens skin.