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Not Everything is Certain in our Skin’s Future

As we get older it is inevitable that our skin will change and the tell-tale signs of ageing begin to appear – from fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness to age spots and overall dulling of the complexion. Skin ageing is influenced by external factors and internal factors, which are both intricately linked.                   The internal […]

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Your skin needs a serum

Serum, day cream, night cream, contour product, face oil, cleanser, exfoliant… Yes, we know that sometimes the amount of products we have to use to complete the perfect facial routine is overwhelming. Besides the number, sometimes it is easy to forget exactly what each one does… But, never fear! We are going to explain the […]

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Are you using your skincare products in the right order?

Serum, toner, exfoliator, cream, sunscreen, eye contour, cleanser… how many skin care products do you have on your vanity table? Surely, a lot, and you must have wondered whether you are using them in the correct order. We will explain in detail the steps that should be included in your daily skin care routine for […]

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