What do spots mean based on where they appear on your face?

Spots and pimples are not just a teen issue or a matter of hormones. When they appear after puberty (sometimes they never go away), they may be signs of some condition or disorder in our body or may be revealing some bad habit.

Here we will teach you how to “interpret” spots according to the area of the face where they pop up. They are revealing information about your health, so take note:


The spots appearing along the hairline are telling us that we should go over our hair care routine. Have you recently changed your shampoo? It might not be the right one for your scalp. Consider, also, whether you are using any hair lacquer, spray, gel or oil. Try applying them from the mid-lengths to the ends, and look for the brands which are less aggressive on your hair and skin. Besides, when removing make-up and cleansing your skin, make sure to get to the hairline to prevent any traces of make-up or dust from building up.


Spots on these areas are signs of dehydration and some kidney disorder. So make sure to drink at least two litres of water every day.


If spots pop up on the upper area of your forehead, they might be a clue that your diet is not as healthy as it should be. Forget about processed and refined food, and go for real food: water, veggies, fruits, whole grains, fish and lean meat.

If, by contrast, they appear on the lower area and between the eyebrows, they are signs of stress and anxiety. A straightforward advice: try to relax, belittle everything that makes you feel anxious, and maximise your skin cleansing routine.


Here they reveal some disorder in the cardiovascular system. Again, look at your diet and start doing cardio if you are not doing it already. Leave aside spicy food and alcohol.


The spots on the cheeks can have an external or internal origin. If external, they may be brought about by a poor cleansing routine, the use of mobile phone, excessive touching of your cheeks with your hands, or an excessive contact with your hair. If internal, they may be signs of ENT or respiratory disorders. If you smoke, there you have the cause. If you have any doubt, you know, contact your doctor.

Lips contour

This type of spots are usually quite uncomfortable and are linked to a diet high in fat, acid or hot spices. They might as well be related to the hygiene routine on the area, as the pores can easily get clogged with food remains.


Here is where the so-called hormonal acne pops up. Surely you have suffered some during your period. This is because testosterone levels rise during the period and your skin produces more oil. It is on this area, as well as between the eyebrows, that stress-induced acne appears.


Are you having a diet excessively high in fat? There you have the cause of this type of acne. Your large intestine is saturated and is the reason for this type of acne to appear. Eliminate pre-cooked food, saturated fat and fried food from your diet altogether.

Neck and chest

They are usually linked to allergic reactions to some types of fabric of the clothes you wear that prevent correct perspiration. They might also indicate the development of some viral process.

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