Cleansing your skin and removing make-up are not the same

Have you ever thought that a cleanser and a make-up remover have the same roles or that it is a marketing strategy to make you buy two products? The answer is a categorical “no”. Read on to find out why both products are necessary in your beauty routine.

Let’s put it this way: would you take a shower with your clothes on? No, would you? Well, something similar would happen to your skin if you used a cleanser without having removed your make-up first. You need to take out “those clothes”, that is, that make-up covering the skin of your face, so that you can clean it deeply. So this example has already helped us understand that they actually are products with different roles, and that the order to use them should be: first the make-up remover, and then the cleanser.

You must have repeatedly heard that you should not go to bed without removing your make-up. We are a step ahead and advise you not to go to bed without removing your make-up and without cleansing your skin. We believe they are two steps that should go together, as the cleanser gets rid of anything left by the make-up remover, while it conditions your skin at the same time. Likewise, we advise you to cleanse your skin when you wake up. Despite what you may think, while you sleep the skin builds up dust and impurities again.

And what if I do not wear make-up? In that case, forget about using a make-up remover, that would not be necessary, but you still should use a cleanser, as it is the most important step to keep your skin healthy. And you should do it in the morning and at night as well; it’s no use washing your face with water.

If you wear very little make-up or only occasionally, you probably think that using just a make-up remover will do. No, it won’t. Make-up products contain waxes, silicones, oils and pigments which are not completely removed with a cleanser. So if this is your case, we advise you to have a 2-in-1 make-up remover, for your eyes and face, and to use it at that particular time when you like wearing make-up.

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