Your skin needs a serum

Serum, day cream, night cream, contour product, face oil, cleanser, exfoliant… Yes, we know that sometimes the amount of products we have to use to complete the perfect facial routine is overwhelming. Besides the number, sometimes it is easy to forget exactly what each one does… But, never fear! We are going to explain the reasons why we use one of the beauty products that often confuses us the most: the serum.

Serum is a cosmetic product that, due to its formulation, texture and concentration of active ingredients, penetrates the deepest layers of the skin. This is one of the fundamental differences of a serum compared to a moisturiser: its ability to absorb deep into the skin, and the power of its formulation.

Serums are often used to repair specific needs of the skin: dryness, large pores, excess oil, dullness, wrinkles, sagging, aging, uneven texture… But they do not cover all your skin´s needs, such as hydration and protection, so you always have to use them in combination with a moisturiser. The serum never replaces the moisturiser, but should always be used before it. Bearing this in mind, and as you have already read in previous posts, the ideal order of application is: make-up remover, cleanser, toner, eye contour product, serum and moisturiser. Both in the morning and in the evening!

The most effective way to apply it is to put a small amount on your fingertips and warm the product a little by pressing the fingertips of your hands together. Slightly increasing its temperature will help it to absorb more easily. You should apply it by pressing from the centre of the face outwards and from top to bottom. And, of course, don´t forget the neck, where you should also use a gentle outwards movement.

Do you want to find out which is the ideal Anesi serum for your skin? Take a look at our section of specific serums and make the best investment for your skin.

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