Urban BlueDefense: the new Lab Institute product for city dwellers

Living in an urban environment has disastrous consequences for the skin that we have to be aware of in order to combat them. Recent clinical studies on the pollution caused by light radiation and the environment show that the skin can be seriously affected by the so-called “3C Aging”: Environmental pollution, Computers and Wireless Communications.

What are the effects of 3C Aging?

Vitamin “E” levels can get depleted by up to 90%, and the number of blemishes on your skin can increase by up to 22%.
It increases sebum production and can cause dehydration and skin disorders such as eczema, urticaria and dermatitis.
The blood vessels lose their elasticity, and it causes skin aging.

Anesi Lab Institute has created Urban to cover all the needs of the skin in order to combat pollution, working both internally and externally.

  • At the internal/cellular level: it repairs damage that has already been caused by pollution.
  • At the dermal/epidermal level: it detoxifies and oxygenates.
  • At the epidermal level: it acts as a defence barrier against aggressive light and environmental agents.
  • Get to know the Urban BlueDefense products.

If you want brighter, more radiant, oxygenated and revitalised skin, you must include these two essential products in your daily routine:

Urban BlueDefense Serum: this is a day and night repair serum with powerful detoxifying, moisturising and protective effects. It has a cremigel texture.
Ingredients / Actions:

  • Rice oil, hazelnut and copaiba oil: to cleanse, nourish and stimulate the skin’s natural defence and repair mechanisms.
  • Baycusan: a specific protector against the light radiation produced by the screens of electronic devices.
  • Hyaluronic acid: this retains 1000 times its molecular weight in water to hydrate deeply.
  • Lingostem: a powerful antioxidant extracted from cranberry stem cells, which neutralises the damage caused by solar radiation at the cellular level.
  • Algaktiv Zen: to help restore the circadian rhythm and the natural internal balance of the skin.

Urban BlueDefense Cream: this is a cream that protects against the effects of aggressive environmental agents and both solar radiation and blue light. It has a creamy and velvety texture.

Ingredients / Actions:

  • It contains SPF 20 broad-spectrum protection, which protects the skin from UVA and UVB solar radiation.
  • Blumilight limits the negative effects of blue light radiation due to its highly protective effect.
  • Pronalen Bioprotect is an active antipollution that inhibits the damage caused to the skin by the pollutants responsible for extrinsic aging.
  • Filmexel: natural biopolymers that form a non-occlusive protective film against atmospheric polluting particles, allergens and environmental irritants.