Which Anesi product would you take to a festival?


This time of year, when we are already enjoying the lovely weather and outdoor activities, stands out for the abundance of music festivals: rock, indie, folk… From Coachella to MadCool, are you going to any? We want to come with you!

This post will give a rundown of the best Anesi products to carry in your festival backpack or bum bag. Here goes:

Camping festival

Festivals that go on for several days and end up becoming music holidays in themselves, with camping and other activities on top of the concerts, are the most intense (this goes for your skin too).

This is why we recommend taking one of our travel sets with you. This means you will have everything you need to carry one with your daily skincare routine wherever you go: cleanser, toner, serum and moisturiser. As an extra, you can also take one of our sunscreens.

Urban festival

A lot of festivals and concerts are held at stadiums or cultural venues in major cities. If you’re planning on going to one, make sure you are protected against environmental pollution and high-energy visible light (from digital screens and LED lights) with our Urban Blue Defense Cream by Lab Institute. It also contains SPF 20 to protect you from exposure to UVA/UVB radiation.

Open-air festival

From first thing in the morning to last thing at night or, as the case may be, until sunrise the next day. Some festivals are bona fide music marathons that go on all day. If you are going to be outside and exposed to the sun, you need to stay protected. This is why we recommend taking our Luminosity SPF 50 + Cream, a sunscreen-based fluid emulsion for ultra protection. Apply when needed. As an additional benefit, it leaves your face feeling silky smooth.

Beach festival

If you’re planning on going to a music festival by the sea, Les Écrans are without a doubt your best accessory. With or without a hint of colour to enhance your skin, the two high-protection sunscreens formulated with active ingredients with a powerful moisturising effect and restorative and soothing properties.

Now you have your Anesi sidekick to lap up the best music this festival season.