To sculpt the figure, eliminate cellulite, tone the tissues, and soften, moisturise and nourish the skin. Whatever your beauty goal, the SOIN DU CORPS expert treatments offer you an adapted solution.

In the salon, the benefits of thalassotherapy, effective plant extracts and technological complexes, make up a tailor-made regime combining different treatment possibilities to please the senses:


Known as one of the most effective treatments that is easy to apply and remove, as it does not require you to shower. The thermal and occlusive effect of the parafango treatment activates the circulation, eliminates toxins and favours the penetration of the previously applied active ingredients, while toning the tissues and softening the skin.

Anesi offers the most effective products that, together with parafango, create an effective treatment for fluid loss and the removal of cellulite.

The treatment is designed to act on the main causes of fluid retention and cellulite, and its main effects are:

  • Lipolytic
  • Anti-swelling
  • Circulation stimulation
  • Capillary permeability regulation

The list of services provided by the Anesi parafango treatment is very versatile. Not only can it be used in fluid-reducing or anti-cellulite treatments, but also in a series of applications such as treatments for relaxation, detoxification, moisturising, to relieve back pain…


A treatment that combines reducing and draining effects.

The synergistic action of the Aminodren concentrate, the Huile Fermeté oil and the Masque Beurre Sveltesse act by stimulating the lymphatic system and the fatty tissue.

The results are: fluid loss, a feeling of lightness and the visible improvement of cellulite.


The effectiveness of cryotherapy and its visible results from the first session in slimming or firming treatments are well known. Its efficiency is based on lowering the body temperature. The body reacts to this decrease by burning calories accumulated as fat. It also tones the skin while fighting against edematous cellulite and provides immediate relief to circulatory problems and tired legs.

At home, two comfortable and reassuring treatments with a single mission: a healthy, harmonious and toned figure; and soft, nourished and hydrated skin.