The skin is a living organ that transforms over the years due to weight gain, hormone development, pregnancy, etc.

Under its external layer, tissue fat accumulates, liquids are retained and muscles are lost. This transforms the figure and makes us increasingly less smooth and more wrinkled and uneven.

ANESI LAB INSTITUTE has created a complete body care programme that helps the body to recover its firmness, defined shape, and soft and even skin.

To do that, SILHOUETTE has chosen the latest active ingredients with unique transport and penetration systems, while also working on pleasant textures and stimulating aromas that encourage you to undertake a daily care protocol after showering and to booster all the benefits of exclusive salon treatments.

The mission of the ANESI LAB INSTITUTE SILHOUETTE line is:

  • To stimulate drainage and eliminate waste to prevent liquid retention, saturated tissue and swelling.
  • To take centimetres off the contour and to improve skin tone, slimming the figure.
  • To carry out deep lipolytic action that tackles already enlarged adipocytes and that impedes new adipocyte formations, visibly smoothing “orange peel skin”.
  • To prevent and treat stretch marks, stopping deterioration and favouring regeneration of the extracellular matrix. Stretch marks are reduced and the skin becomes smoother and more even.