The most effective application of your beauty routine

Now that we know the exact order in which to apply our cosmetic products as part of our morning and evening routines, we need to pause to consider some little application tips, which are just as important, to enhance the effectiveness of these products. Applying cosmetic products in the wrong way can wreak havoc on our skin.

Make-up remover

We must bear in mind the area that we are going to remove the make-up from. If we are removing make-up from the eyes, first moisten a cotton disk with make-up remover and apply it on the eyelid and eyelashes, obviously with the eye closed. Press gently, and after a few seconds, slide the cotton disk downwards, following the direction of eyelash growth. Repeat this until the make-up has been removed and, most importantly, never rub or make sudden sideways movements.
To remove makeup from the lips, take another cotton disc and apply it with a dabbing motion, gently stretching the lips to remove make-up from the folds.
For the rest of the face, use a new disc (don´t skimp!) and apply your make-up remover with long, gentle outward strokes.


Once you are make-up-free, moisten your face with warm water and apply cleanser onto your fingertips. Then, spread this around the face in circular movements, paying special attention to the most problematic areas, such as the T-zone, and not forgetting the neck. Rinse with plenty of water and blot your face dry, never dragging, with a towel that you use only for your face.


We return to the cotton discs: apply the toner onto the disc without soaking it too much, and glide it all around the face in long, gentle movements from the centre of the face outwards, avoiding the contour of the eye. If you have time, take another disc moistened with toner and dab it onto the face and neck to reactivate the microcirculation.


A clean makeup brush, the type you use to apply your foundation, is ideal for spreading masks, so you should make sure you have one to use especially for this. The sensation of applying the mask with the brush is also very relaxing.


For exfoliants, your fingertips are your key tool. With a damp face, apply the product in circular movements, paying special attention to the nose, forehead and chin.

Eye contour product

The best way to spread your eye contour product is to use gentle little dabbing motions along the entire orbital bone (the area under the eye and under the eyebrow). Do not apply it on your eyelid.

Face oil

Spread a few drops of this product on the palms of your hands and warm it up. Then apply pressure with the palms of your hands for several seconds on the forehead and chin, temples and cheeks, nose and central part of the face, and both sides of the neck and the neckline.


After warming up a couple of drops of this product with the tips of your fingers, dab it onto your face from the centre outwards, not forgetting the jawline and the neck.


Apply this with long and very gentle movements that start from the centre of the face and move outwards, being very careful not to stretch the skin (this can cause wrinkles). The skin of the neck and neckline is similar to the skin of the face, so don´t forget these areas when you apply your moisturiser.

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